Friday, April 23, 2010

And so it begins!

Hi there,

You know how you always have these big plans to explore your own city and and do the stuff you only ever do when you have overseas visitors? And then life happens and you never get around to it? You know the feeling, "Ah, we have to go to the new stadium sometime!!" Or, "We never go to the beach anymore!" So i have decided to get out of the little comfort zone i like to find myself in and try all of these things to do in Durban!

I'm also trying to prove that Durban is not a boring little sleepy hollow and there is a multitude of things to do from sky diving, harbour cruising, and 'Learn to paddle-ski' lessons to High Tea at the Beverly Hills, Bars with pigs walking around and cruising around the 'muti' market in the middle of town!

My aim is simply to get people to do something different and appreciate the beautiful city we live in. The things i am going to do are not all in Durban and its suburbs. Some are down the South Coast and Up the North Coast and in towards the Midlands and Pietermaritzburg. I will try to get as much detail (Price/History/Directions etc) about each place we go to.
So get a group together and start exploring!

Tonight we are kicking off in style! Drinks at the newly renovated Oyster Box Hotel's Light House Bar.

Review and Photos to follow sometime on the Weekend!

Have a good weekend, what ever you are doing!

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