Tuesday, April 27, 2010


On Saturday night the sharks were playing the blues! It proved to be a very exciting game! The Atmosphere was a bit thin in the beginning but then it soon built up and everybody was on the edge of their seats by the time the game was up!

We made sure that all the usual traditions were followed which might end up giving us the flu but more about that later on. Gareth and i started off parking on the other end of the world and trekking with all our stuff for the traditional braai afterwards, with our friends Mat, Jen, Lol and Wes. We found them in the outside field ad a had a quick drink before we headed off into the crowd. I always find that although its awesome to be at the game and you miss out on all the atmosphere, and the crowd telling the ref how to do his job at home, however, you never really catch whats going on, and i always find myself asking Gareth what happened, so the poor boy spends half the mats explaining what the whistle was blown for!
Any way, it was a successful victory for the Sharks.

We had the traditional braai afterwards, with a few beers for the boys and a few vodka's for the girls. And just as we were sitting there commenting on what a lovely evening it was ... DOWN came the rain! It Poured down! Most of us piled into Jens car, and sacrificed our meat for a little warmth and shelter! A little while later after the torrential rain. had finished, we ll came out again, and ate what was left of our food, soggy rolls and steal and of course Boerewors.

Another good day out in Durban, one that is highly recommended, and with winter coming up, perfect for sporting your coats and boots!

Gareths taking me out on a suprise outing today. So will let you know how that goes!

Happy day - tripping!

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