Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bike riding on the Promenade

Today was a toasty warm winters Day in Durban with a temperature of around 28 degrees! Tough life we have here i thought as i dabbed sun cream on my shoulders and put on my running shoes.

Gareth and I have been meaning to go riding on the Durban beach promenade for a long time now, and so being the long weekend, i thought we should try give it a go.

We started off having a very chilled breakfast at a trendy little spot in the point waterfront area called Ciao Bella. Good vibe and great food! Everything is made fresh from the Juice to the pasta and pestos. Feeling a little refreshed and much more awake, we then went to Ushaka and I hired a bicycle. For those of you who know me this is a huge stepping stone! I'm not big on bicycles, we'll just leave it at that!
So off I stumbled through the poor unsuspecting crowd and off we went all the way to the stadium. Bikes for hire are in pretty good condition and not too expensive, it was R80 for 2 hours. I have seen them at the Elangeni Hotel for R50 per hour. So worth every cent! The views are magnificent and Durban is looking amazing! The sardines were still on the run and so there was a hive of activity around North Beach. We rode to NMR avenue and turned around, we went pretty slowly and it took us around one and a half hours. Because the promenade is pretty wide, there is lots of space to ride in and you shouldn't have any collisions! Its pretty flat with just a few little inclines here and there.
After the ride we went to Moyo On The Pier for a drink! Its Moyo's new development, which is really doing well, but is hugely dependent on the weather. Their theme is an African one with lots of North and West African influences. You can see their website to get a better understanding of what to expect here. There are couches and chairs all over the place and is very chilled! There was a guy singing and strumming away on his acoustic guitar, which was so good i thought it was a CD playing! By the looks of things they have a DJ downstairs in the afternoon, we saw him setting up when we were leaving. I thought upstairs was more impressive in terms of decor, downstairs was more rustic with just being on the pier surface. You can get most cocktails and wines and Stella on tap. Food is limited to finger snacks and platters, we saw a few people with platters and they looked fantastic! Moyo is generally a bit more pricey than some, but not too bad. My cosmo was R35 and Gareths dr
aught was around R40. Platters range from R80 to R350 depending on what is in them.

Another highly recommended days activity in Durban! Enjoy!

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