Thursday, September 30, 2010

And this little piggy went off to market(S)!

Durban is perhaps a little slower than the rest of our fellow communities on the foodie/crafty scene. We have more franchise restaurants than most, and generally most people by clothes that are made in china and can be purchased, well, anywhere really! Generally we take a little longer to catch onto trends, if we follow them at all, and we tend to be happy with our lot. However, it comes with great pleasure to write about the hottests food / crafty markets that are taking us by storm!

Thank Goodness a group of people got together and decided, hey, lets see what is going on out there and bring all these earth/food/wholesome people together and put them into a market! It really has changed the way we look at things now. The best part about these markets is that we are supporting local producers, one market in particular will in fact not let you participate if you are not from Kwa Zulu Natal. Love that! I'll take you through all the markets i have been to recently, and then mention a few that i have not been to, but come highly recommended.

Shongweni Farmers Market - every saturday from about 7am till 11am.

The Shongweni Farmers like to keep everything local. Most of the farmers from the surrounding area’s have a table, selling everything from fresh free range Hormone and anti-biotic meat to fresh bread. There are also cup cakes, freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juices and homemade pies. They don't just have food, they have a carpenter, lots of people selling plants/herbs/ worm farms. There is an area which is cleaned constantly for you to sit and enjoy your breakfast, whatever it may be. Thankfully you will not be able to buy a steers hamburger anywhere! What a lot of people do is buy there weekly grocereries there, this way, you have a chance to find out exactly where they are sourced and how they are grown. this will keep your carbon foot print down and i'm sure your body will be happy with more holesome food!

Kids entertainment is taken care of while you browse, there are slides and jumping things. The trend seems to be to bring your dog along, on leash please! And make sure it has been socialised, dog fighting is not on the list of activities!

Ample secure parking and it isn't too far from town. If you take the M13 towards Pietermaritzberg, take the shongweni offramp, and turn right, you can't miss it! Great Market!

The Food Market - Last Saturday of the month. 8am -2pm. Durban North

The first time I visited the The Food Market, i spent a fortune! It was like heaven on earth! My eyes were wide and my mouth was hanging open in anticipation! I think we were only supposed to spend an hour there or something unrealistic like that, but we must of spent about 3 hours there! There was so much passion for food in one place it was almost tangible!

Ok, so you might have guessed that this is my favourite thing to do every last saturday, infact i sometimes i even debate whether or not to go away that weekend or not incase i miss the food market!
Its put together so well, there are no competing products, one cheese girl, one olive girl, one chocolate guy... you get the picture! They have the most amazing selection of baked goods, from brownies to beautifully iced buscuits. Robsons beer are there, the swiss goats cheese lady is there, the duck lady is there. Everything your foodie heart could possibly desire is there!

Everything is locally produced, right down to the coffee which is grown and roasted in Assagay. Here are some photo's that i took on my last visit.

I Heart Market - First Saturday of every Month DLI Hall, Greyville. 8-2pm

I heart market is a little less foodie, but still has the odd indulgance in cupcakes and juices. There are local designers of many kinds all in one place! It is a creativity over load! So awesome to see all this talent in Durban.

Essenwood Flea Market - every saturday of the month 8-2pm

Essenwood was one of the originals and still holds great appeal. They have a good range of locally made clothes, crafts, flowers plants, decor options. I hear that their food section has been revised a bit and has some really good offerings.

These are a good shopping mall alternative for christmas!

Happy Shopping!


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