Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buds On the Bay

Today was a tricky day because i didn't know what to do on my list! I thought about going to Mitchel Park and Botanical Gardens for Tea and the most amazing crumpets i have ever had, but then thought the better of it, and decided to go to Buds on the Bay as it started clearing. (And to be honest i think Mitchel Park is better if you have children with you, we don't have any of those! A nice group of friends should have the same effect tho!

So off we went to Buds on the Bay in Maydon Wharf around the Bluff area. Its dodgy as to get there, we did feel like we were taking out life in our hands by dicing with the truck drivers. These aren't little lorries i'm talking about, they are big container/"abnormal load" trucks! However, it was a sunday and there weren't as many as when i have gone on my own for work. We made it out to the restaurant with my little Corsa Lite unharmed to find a FULL restaurant. Our hopes of a lovely lazy lunch sunk to the bottom of the harbour we were standing over. But then, a lovely gentleman made us feel very welcome at the bar where we had a drink and a plate of Nacho's and we eventually found a table just before our main course arrived. Gareth had the Lamb Chops(R95), he said they were outstanding, and i had the Zulu Sushi(R85) for which Buds is very well known, which was good.

The menu is varied from Vietnamese Chicken and Sweet Potatoe Curry to Line fish with Dipping Sauces. Prices vary from R16 to R95. There really is something for everyone. Its very chilled, and we noticed that there were a lot of big tables. Drinks were reasonably priced, and BYO is not really smiled upon. Fair Enough! The staff were amazing! I think its really hard to find good staff these days, but Billy Bud has got himself a good team. Everybody was warm; friendly and upbeat. In my oppinion, people are more likely to go back for good service then good food.

If you are a group of more then 2 people, i very much suggest that you book, it would be a terrible waste of excitement and petrol and nerves driving there and being turned away because you didn't book. The Number as well as a map is on the website, (if you didn't get the link at the top of the page in pink).

Another great day tripping adventure in Durban! Next weekend, i am working at the Tourism Indaba at the Durban ICC so i might not be able to have an adventure, but the upside is that i can get more ideas from the KZN section. I'll just write about Indaba anyway, its always fun!

Have a good week!


  1. Love your blog Vicky. Sometimes we need to be reminded that there are lots of things to be done around Durbs. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to yr next blog.